It's Basically Spring!

So it's been a few weeks since the Basic Bitch Candle launch. We've decided to go in a new direction with this basic blog. Me (Penelope Penname) will now be taking over. Yayyy

After a long and very bummery winter. This week was GORGE. People are out and they are boozing hard. My gay coworker can wear his shorty shorts again, which just makes everyone happy. It makes you want to get back to a healthy regimen: get on that yoga membership, juice cleanse, eatin all the kale. But no! This is a time for celebration.

I had brunch like four times this week. It was amazing. Except Saturday we decided to go to brunch in Williamsburg during prime brunch hours. We walked around for an hour trying to decided where to eat then realized that there was at least an hour wait in every spot. It didn't matter if the place had nice food. Brunch on Bedford ave on a Saturday is like going to Yoga For The People at 10am. Our dreams of a leisurely girl brunch were shattered and we became more and more hungry as we walked up and down the streets of Williamsburg. We became desperate. After putting in our names at some basic restaurant, we just accepted the situation. The only thing that could save this brunch was copious amounts of alcohol.

Several mimosas later we forgot that we were hungry, forgot about our reservation, and forgot basically where we were. I bought some shoes, a cool necklace, and we tried on all sorts of impractical outfits at Buffalo Exchange. All in all, I consider the day a success. Next week or maybe even next month is the time to get healthy.

Toodaloo! Have a basic day :) :) :) 


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