Here I go again on my owwwnnnnn.

Here I go again on my owwwnnnnn. Going down the only road I've ever knowwwwn.

Well if you know Whitesnake you know those lyrics. Anyway, after an insane half of 2019 and 2018 and basically all of 2017 I have come to a more stable place in my life where I can officially relaunch my passion for candle making. I've been getting some awesome love on IG and it's so refreshing to hear that ya'll love that basic life and I'm here to keep it going come gel or high watermelon! I want to roll out new scents but I need your help! 

I've devised a new way to fund this project where the money I make can safely go right back into the company for more research and development of fresh new fragrance combos and limited edition candle craziness! Did someone say SPREADSHEETS AND EXCEL!? Yes. I did. I just said that and then I typed it as I said it. 

Let's burn one and let's all kick-ass together and make 2020 a year to light a path to a new beginning. 

Okay, I'm done with the candle puns...


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